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Intensive returning
in Fall 2024

Led by Jared Spool

Piece together an effective process that actually works for your team.

The Transformative Agile UX Intensive was amazing!

UX Leaders from all around the world showed up to piece together an effective process that finally works for their team. Every day we enjoyed awesome discussions on how to completely transform the way organizations include UX.

We know that not everyone had the resources to join us live. That’s ok. You can purchase the Transformative Agile UX Video Series.

Transformative Agile UX Video Series

Shape the way your organization includes UX into their Agile process. Deliver better-designed products and services. Our Transformative Agile UX Video Series will guide you every step of the way.

We need our Agile UX processes to deliver innovative designs to our customers and users. To do that we must adapt our Agile process to not hold us back.

Our Transformative Agile UX process takes what we’ve learned over the past 20 years and pieces together a modern, redesigned approach to Agile UX. Together, we can create an Agile UX process that delivers true value and innovation.

Each episode of our Transformative Agile UX Video Series builds off the last to guide you in creating your Agile UX Strategy.

What’s included:

  • The lectures from all five Fundamentals sessions and their notes:
  • Reframe Agile to Deliver Great UX
  • Use UX Research to Drive the Meaning of “Done”
  • Establish UX Metrics for Agile
  • Build Your Agile Team’s UX Capabilities
  • Inspire Your Agile Teams with What Users Truly Need
  • The Agile UX Transformation Guide:

Agile and UX won’t start working together by themselves. You’ll need a transformation in your organization to make this happen. And you’ll need to lead that transformation.

All successful transformations start with a plan. This guide will get your plan started.

There are four parts to this workbook. Each part contains a series of reflection and planning exercises. You’ll use those to create a Transformation plan.

  • Catch the lectures on your own schedule.

  • Access is for 90 days.
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